Dancing All Day Long

“Sitting is the new smoking” according to several authorities on health – both medical experts as well as institutions.  It is not enough to do a hard workout for an hour or two if you’re going to be sitting idly for the rest of the day. This image reminds me of the opposite scenario which has been the norm all throughout history and up until recently: farmers working all day tending to animals, cleaning them, feeding them, shepherding them, harvesting the crops, planting seeds, pickng fruit, knitting sweaters, making rugs, churning butter, cleaning the house, bathing the children, washing the dishes, doing the laundry…. you get the idea.

Whatever our ancestry is, we all come from the same culture of constant movement, and we are all living in a sedentary exile of that lifestyle.

Our muscles, bones, and our minds are used to this nonstop daily movement, and no matter how high we get our heart rate in our one or two hour session at the gym it still pales in comparison.

This is why I prescribe taking a five-minute break from your day as often as you can to dance to some good music. This is in addition to whatever other cardio workout you may have or chores you need to do.  Five minutes dropped here and there throughout your day will not exhaust you and keep you from your other physical obligations, and it is more than enough to keep you from the dangers of a sedentary life.

And you might be wondering “why dance? Why can’t I just move more throughout the day?” And that’s a great question, which I answer here

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of dance, please click here

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