Summer Heat, Summer Fire

Summer is now in full effect! The days are very hot, unlike in the beginning of the season when we had all those clouds. Every season has its corresponding element and summer’s is fire. It is a known fact that people get angrier during the summer, there are more conflicts, and even more crime and violence. The hotter it gets, the shorter our tempers. Even people with anxiety disorder tend to also have more pronounced symptoms during the summer. So, how do we combat this?

To think of it broadly in terms of elements helps us by providing a broad approach that covers all bases. The other three elements are earth, wind, and water, out of which water is the most opposite to fire and most medicinal if there is too much fire.

Ways to bring the water element to your life firstly, is the following most physical, as well as most obvious ways:

-Drink more water

-Be in water either by swimming or taking a water bath

-Eat more high-water fruits and vegetables like watermelon and cucumber

-Limit very warm soups – stick to cold foods like salad and sandwiches

Some not-so-obvious ways:

-Limit candy, chocolate, and ice cream. Keep sugar intake to foods naturally sweet like fruit, but not fruit juice

-Reduce caffeine intake

-Reduce spicy food intake

-Do not watch shows or movies that are very suspenseful and action-intense

– Reduce the intensity of your muscle or cardio workout

-Listen to lots of slow, calming, soothing music.

Music changes our reality. The minute we hear it our thoughts change, our emotions change, and in turn our behavior changes and affects the reality around us. The water element in comparison to fire is that of soothing, softening, calming, and relaxing, so that’s why I do not listen to Merengue or Bhangra music during the scorching days of summer. They are far too fiery and combined with the fiery summer are too much fire for me to handle. Instead, I listen to jazz – Dave Brubeck, Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, or Bossa Nova, Hollie Cook – (mellow neo-reggae), Baroque, etc.

Remember that you are trying to bring balance to summer’s intense fire element, so the intention should be relaxing and soothing (not depressing!)

Have fun, and have a great, mellow summer!





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