Soul Blossom Dance started in late 2009 as a blog I kept while teaching Belly Dance. You see, Belly Dance has always been a love of mine, and getting up to the point of finally teaching had become quite an adventure. I had a lot of funny stories and experiences related to it, so I felt I had to share them all with the masses.

But then aside from the funny stories I also had a lot of really eye-opening, life-improving, heart-expanding experiences as well. I learned a lot about myself, my body, and about being a woman, all through Belly Dance.

These things I learned helped me change in ways I really needed to. I lost a tremendous amount of weight, I became more out-going, and most importantly – I became a lot happier.

So, this project was initially a blog with funny posts here and there but it has now transformed into something else – I’d like to think something magical.

There are programs I’ve written to help you use dance to change specific things in your life, and there is also currently an ebook¬†available.

I fought it for many years, but I have finally accepted that my purpose in life is to spread the word of dance and its healing powers.  I am now very happy to be its humble servant.

I also urge you to contact me if you have any questions, either about my offerings or about dance in general. I love to hear from everyone!

With love,