Hello and welcome to Soul Blossom Dance! Our purpose is to help you live a more healthy and happy life using a very specific dance method. This method was developed by myself, the founder of Soul Blossom Dance, from all the new ways I was very fortunate to discover to help people unfold and revitalize using music and movement.

The most important part of the mission of Soul Blossom Dance is to give you more happiness in your life. If you want more of that, this is the right place for you. This doesn’t mean that this place is only for people whose lives are so charmed that they don’t have a single worry, and they can merrily chase that abstract and illusive happiness without having to worry about paying bills, feeding their children, or keeping in shape. It actually means that you’ve realized that being happy can be a pursuit on its own, without being attached to any tiresome accomplishments, and this sole pursuit of finding happiness often ends very successfully.

Dance brought a lot of happiness into my life. A lot. It gave me a way to exercise that I finally enjoyed. It made me finally look at my body with love and satisfaction. It made me, a person who already deeply enjoyed music, enjoy it on an even deeper and more transformative level.

Music alone brings happiness into our lives in so many different ways: you can listen to a great song and immediately feel better. You can dance and feel that joy deep in your bones. You can sing and feel fully alive. You can learn to play an instrument and experience the happiness made by your own self-discipline when you play your first melody. You can compose new music and feel the force of your creativity spring forth. You can learn a complex choreography and create a breathtaking work of art brought to life by your own magnificent body. You can let loose and dance with others and feel the binding and strengthening ties of that ancient practice.

Of course, there are other ways to bring about more happiness into your life that have nothing to do with music, but the most effective – and the most fun – involve music.

Apart from actually and finally enjoying life, when we seek happiness solely and without conditions, something else wonderful happens. All the other burdens and worries that we once thought were the only path to our happiness, like having more money and a sexier body, usually resolve themselves. It’s counterintuitive, as often the best things are.

I hope you gift yourself more music and more joy in your life. I hope you sing yourself to a better average mood. I hope you can dance yourself into the realization that you were always a stunning and sexy goddess. And I hope you take your music practice as seriously as it should be taken. If you would like some help getting started or for more general information about how to implement music in a new way that improves all areas of your life, please click here

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Happy dancing!



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