Why Dance Instead of Other Exercise?

I have been preaching the benefits of dance for a good seven years now (since 2011). I firmly believe it is both practical and magical. Practical because it is great exercise that strengthens your muscles, brings oxygen to your brain, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, lubricates your joints, decreases your chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease by a whopping 75%, improves your insulin sensitivity, improves your coordination, strengthens your bones, and decreases your chance of getting many kinds of cancer.

It is magical because it boosts your mood instantly, improves your general mood overall when done regularly, decreases anxiety, tremendously increases your confidence, heals your sexuality and reconnects you with it, awakens your femininity, washes away stagnant negative emotions/fears/memories, utilizes your body to its full physical potential, makes you more receptive and attractive to good things/good people/good fortune, and prevents and heals disease in a way that science has yet to understand.

As I often say, it is extremely beneficial on every level to dance regularly, and you needn’t make a lengthy hardcore workout session of it. In fact, it’s much more beneficial to dance a few times throughout the day for five minutes at a time.  This is because we need to be more active throughout the day so that we are not sedentary, because being sedentary is a very dangerous thing. In my previous post I posed a question you might be asking on your behalf: “why dance to stop my sedentary lifestyle? Why not just move around more?”

Because “just move around more” is a very vague instruction. We’ve tried to move around more by getting up and walking around at work, by taking the stairs, by parking further, but we can’t think of many more ways than that, and each of those activities is very short in duration. But dance is a specific suggestion – you pick a song, play it, and surrender to the music. You don’t have to think of what else to do to “move around more”.

If you do want a more structured cardio workout – dance is the better option for that as well because (go here).

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