The Ultimate Dance List

Are you ready for something amazing to happen? Because you’re about to party yourself into a better life! I’ve been working with dance and international music for the past six years and using it to better people’s lives. If you’ve read my book “The 12 Tenets of Free-Dance”, you already know that I’ve used wild and uninhibited free-dance to get myself out of depression, anxiety, and obesity.

If you have read my book, then you also remember one of my favorite tenets is “dance to music sung in a language you don’t understand”. It is crucial that you hear someone singing in a language you are nowhere near being fluent to. The songs definitely cannot have understandable lyrics, and the songs can’t be only instrumental. The non-understandable language will distract and busy your brain enough to keep it occupied so you don’t have any wandering thoughts. Wandering thoughts slow down your free-dance because the more active your brain is the less active your body will be, which will greatly reduce the benefits of your dance.

And we want our free-dance to be as potent and energetic as possible, because when it is the benefits we enjoy are improved mood, improved brain function, diabetes and heart disease prevention, healthier joints, weight loss, and a 75% loss in risk of dementia-related illness.

Isn’t that amazing, jaw-dropping, and wonderful? Don’t you want to have the most beneficial form of exercise? This dance list will help you get that.

I’ve hand-picked all of the 50 songs on this list. I’ve danced to them, I’ve instructed people to them, I’ve recommended them to people to dance to, and you will see as did everyone else how fiery, excited, and uplifting they are.

A healthier and happier new life is all yours – because I know how helpful great music is and because it’s my purpose in this life to spread this message – for only $1.99.

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