Custom Regimen for Alzheimer’s Disease, Post or Pre-Diagnosis

If you would like to implement the Alzheimer’s regimen but are having a hard time getting organized, sticking with it, or coming up with the specific action items that are prescribed, then I am available to help you.

I have been implementing this regimen with my mother and wholly believe that it is helping keep her condition stable and not progress too quickly.

Once you order, I will email you and set up a time we can speak on the phone, please give yourself two hours’ time for this.  After our conversation, I will be able to determine the best activities, down to the exact names of games you should play and music you should listen to, put together a complete meal plan, and work out the timing for the entire day, and I will map all of that out for you for one ENTIRE month. I’ll email you the finished 30-day calendar, filled with every detail of your entire day for thirty days.