30 Day Dance Circle

What better way to celebrate the new year, what better way to open ourselves to the new blessings that 2017 will bring us than by starting it off with a promise to dance? Whenever we dance,  we engage our entire being – from our mind to our body – in a happy expression of gratitude and joy. What better message to send to the Universe, or to our Creator?! This is the kind of grateful expression that brings us more blessings.

Of course,  some of those blessings can be felt immediately such as a better mood.  Some of those blessings are in the cardiovascular exercise aspect.  Some of those blessings come as more confidence, comfort, and security in our sensuous bodies.

Whatever sort of blessing you need in your life,  know that a 30 Day Dance challenge will give you that and several more.

Join me and many other dance lovers from around the world in this 30 Day Dance Circle, beginning January 1, 2017!

To properly carry out the challenge,  you must dance every single day. You can dance for at least ten minutes (which is about two and a half songs), and go for as long as you like,  although I recommend not dancing for so long that you exhaust yourself. This might put you at the risk of not dancing the next day.

Other suggestions:

-You don’t have to exert too much. Dancing at a moderate pace is totally fine.

-Go for a continuous session, no breaks.

All you have to do to join the 30 Day Dance Circle is send an email to info@soulblossomdance.com with “30 Day Dance Circle” in the subject line. I will be sending you encouragement as well as some music suggestions for you to dance to.  Be open to dancing to some amazing music from different cultures,  different decades,  and different music genres than you’re used to!

If you’d like a good primer to start you out on your dance journey please visit:  https://soulblossomdance.com/the-12-tenets-of-free-dance/

I can’t wait to get started and I’m so excited for you to be a part of this!

Like with any program that involves physical activity,  please consult with your doctor before beginning this challenge.