There are countless books, articles, entire websites, and even entire programs dedicated to teaching the chakra system. Yet, all the googling and reading we’ve done and some of us still feel stuck in a rut, or blocked in some way. This is because, as I believe, there is a lot of misinformation about the chakras. A lot of abstract and spiritual advice is given on how to restore and heal them but it is too abstract to help in actuality. There needs to be more practical advice – practical advice that fits each chakra. For example, in several of the books and websites I’ve come across, it is suggested one should use visualization to picture their chakra being cleared and healed. The problem with this, though, is that visualization is a tool of the third eye chakra, and if your third eye chakra needs clearing it will be very difficult to even begin to visualize. Also, again because visualization is a tool of the third eye chakra, it will only affect the third eye. We must, instead, use the method that matches each chakra – come to it speaking its own language.   Stay tuned by subscribing to this website or bookmarking it if you’re interested in learning which practical ways to help each chakra.